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Why Have 15000+ Owners Chosen THIS Couch Protector Over All Others?

This Calming Furniture Protector has gone viral! It has over 1,000 5-Star Reviews!

01/29/2022, By Margaret S
With thousands of verified 5-star reviews, what is it about our furniture protector that’s making every dog owner want one?
Note: You'll probably never worry anymore about your dog's fur and messes!

If your dog loves to sleep comfortably near you AND you want a clean, hair-free couch (or even bed), then this could be the most important article you read in 2022.

The truth is that every dog loves to sleep near us, and let’s admit it, if you love him/her, you want your pup always near you! Only Problem? All the messes they creates…

Now, it’s not their fault, but they sheds a lot, leaving a lot of fur on our favorite places, others aged dogs also leave stains, saliva and different bacteria…

That’s not really healthy for anyone!

So, how can you solve this problem?

Lot’s of owners tried different solutions, with no much luck, like using old blankets…

The result? They ruined their couch! Not using the right product can cost you $$$ in couch replacements. But there is a much better way…

A remarkable new couch protector has just hit the market. It’s designed to protect your furniture while keeping your dog comfy and healthy!

And the results it’s achieving are amazing! Just take a look...

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews, what is it about our furniture protector that’s making every dog owner want one?

Who would’ve thought a couch protector would get hailed as a ‘life-changer’ for dogs and owners in 2022?

The Innovative Dogslanding’s Couch protector rocketed onto the market in 2020 and immediately started making waves on social media and in the news. Now, it’s one of the highest-rated couch protectors with over 1,000 5-star reviews! Below are some of the Calming furniture protector game-changing benefits that make it an absolute no-brainer for dog parents.

Who would’ve thought a couch protector would get hailed as a ‘life-changer’ for dogs and owners in 2022?


Meaning if there happen to be any accidents, you can be sure that the couch, bed, or even your car won’t be affected thanks to the water-resistant liner!

Every design element was catered to the natural shape and curvature of a dog’s body, allowing them to experience a truly royal treatment. From a water-resistant liner to outer bolsters that support joints, hips, and necks – these beds really take comfort to the highest level for your pet. (even cats love it)

Also the luxury material resemble a cozy and cuddly nest. This self-warming couch protector will make them feel safe and sound.

It will improve their sleeping experience


Most people notice how calm their dog becomes after just the first day. It’s because the raised rim of the Calming Furniture Protector was crafted to ease anxiety and bring a sense of security to your dog.

Allowing them to calm down faster, relax easier, and sleep like a log. Which in turn creates a better sleep pattern leading to benefits for their health like:

  • Lower Stress and Cortisone Levels
  • Stronger Immune Function
  • Healthy Blood Pressure
  • & A Better Mood!

It can help with their mood and anxiety


Like humans, dogs may have irregular sleeping patterns and issues with sleep. If they aren’t sleeping somewhere comfortable, their joints, muscles, and bones won’t have the opportunity to properly rest and recover from a day of playing.

This can make them irritable, angry, anxious, and even lead to high blood pressure and cortisol levels.

Thankfully, this couch protector works to support their bodies and keep their body temperature regulated leading to a fuller night’s rest, and a complete change in mood and behavior – for the best!

Plus, some dogs get stressed easier than others. If that’s the case for your pooch, then a daily dose of the Calming Car Protector will help support everyday situations like going on car rides or being left alone while you’re at work.

It is extremely easy to clean, even if your dog isn’t


If your dog behaves as most dogs do, then they probably make a mess now and again, and we’ve made this Calming Furniture Protector a breeze to clean!

TOther beds don’t use the same coating we use on our beds, making it stink after just a few weeks (no one wants to sit near a smelly dog bed).

With our bed, you can slide off the cover and throw it straight in the washer. It’ll come out good as new. What’s not to love about something that will last years vs months with other beds?

Your dog and couch will thank you after just 1 week of using the Calming Furniture Protector - just like Gibby (pictures below)

benefits-img Check Availability

Gibby isn’t alone too. Bertie, a German Shepherd belonging to a close friend of mine, (the beautiful dog featured in the video you may have seen) also had similar problems of anxiety and doing messes all over the house (couch included). But after a few weeks of using the couch protector, he was a different dog - able to enjoy life again. Put simply…

The Calming Furniture Protector has been a massive hit in the pet world and changed the lives of countless dogs globally.

That said, if you're looking to save your couch while your dog gets comfortable and healthier-this couch protector is a MUST.

All dog parents love the Dogslanding Calming furniture Protector

“We bought a Large Calming Furniture Protector for the couch on our new bus that we are travelling around Australia in. Our 2 Assistance dogs love the Calming Furniture Protector so much. They are usually very fussy and reject any bed or blanket. They would rather sleep on our bed! 🤣🤣 My sister is visiting at the moment and she has 3 dogs and they all fight over who is going to lay on it. So much so that I just bought her the protector, the calming bed and a calming blanket for her and one for us! Couldn’t recommend these products more. They are exactly as advertised which is rare with online buys.”

“ So soft and fluffy! ♥️ My dogs love to snuggle on the furniture cover and It keeps my furniture safe. My only critique is that it makes a crinkle sound because of the waterproofing material. I wasn’t expecting that, but the dogs don’t mind, and it’s definitely waterproof.”

“Zoomie loves his new bed, I wish I could upload more photos to this review because his sleeping positions in the last few days since receiving this bed have been hillarious! He is in absolute heaven !”

“My boy loves his new couch bed. The first thing he did was jump into it and lie down for a nap. Thank you”

“We both love the Dogslanding Lounge Protector! Comfy snd snuggly. Thank you. We didn’t experience any problem through the purchase and delivery process.”

“Size pictured is a Jumbo with a female German shepherd. Pros: Very soft material, fluffy, lovely colour, does protect leather Cons: The underside feels cheap however it doesn’t seem to move easily on leather, when our dog jumps up onto it quickly the bottom does get crinkled/doesn’t stay in place Overall: Worth the money as our dog loves it and it does protect our lounge”

“This was bought for two dogs to share and they love it”

“My staffy fell instantly in love with her furniture protector bed. Absolutely relaxed, sleeps on her side and doesn’t move unless it’s time for walks, eat etc. she’s not interested in any other pieces of furniture. Delivered within 2 weeks to Sydney. Thank you so much! I’m impressed and so is Cleo.”

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Text above: SPECIAL READER OFER: As a special introductory online exclusive sale, the company is now offering a 30-night money back guarantee, FREE Shipping and the possibility to buy more than 1 with extra discount. This deal can be removed at any time, so act now to take advantage of this special offer.

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